Post Modernity Hermeneutics

     “The waning (flattening) of affect” and “a whole new type of emotional ground tone—what I will call ‘intensities’—which can best be grasped by a return to older theories of the sublime” . The general depthlessness and affectlessness of postmodern culture is countered by outrageous claims for extreme moments of intense emotion, which Jameson aligns with schizophrenia and a culture of (drug) addiction. With the loss of historicity, the present is experienced by the schizophrenic subject “with heightened intensity, bearing a mysterious charge of affect” , which can be “described in the negative terms of anxiety and loss of reality, but which one could just as well imagine in the positive terms of euphoria, a high, an intoxicatory or hallucinogenic intensity”..

Post modernism; Fredric Jameson 1991

This work is a collection of paintings that are constructed from text/dialogue/quotations from science fictions that identify and highlight the ‘Flattening of affect’ . The text/dialogue/quotations from science fictions become structure and mechanisms to explore new interpretations, meanings and conceptualizations through the painting processes, this confronts and juxtaposes the ‘Flattening of affect’ .